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  1. Car Dashboard Symbols

    Car dashboard symbols are a crucial aspect of modern vehicle design, serving as a visual communication tool to convey important information to the driver. These symbols, often illuminated by warning lights or icons, provide instant feedback about the car's health and status. 

    Understanding the meanings behind these symbols is essential for safe and efficient driving, enabling drivers to take prompt action when necessary and prevent potential mechanical failures. Whether it's a simple reminder to fasten your seatbelt or a complex message about a malfunction, dashboard symbols are a vital element in ensuring both vehicle and driver remain safe on the road. 

    Below are some of the meaning of the symbols.

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  2. Abuja Office

    Office Interior

    DSparesZone ABJ Team

    The automotive industry celebrated a momentous occasion as DSparesZone Auto Mobile Spares part Online Market Office officially opened its doors in a grand inauguration event. This event marks a significant step forward in the Nigerian automotive spare parts business,  providing an innovative solution for both consumers and businesses alike.

    DSparesZone Online Market, renowned for its digital platform connectin

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  3. How to jump a Car

    Jumping a car to start is a simple process that anyone can do to help get a car going again. It involves connecting two cars together so that the battery of the car that won’t start can receive a jump from the other working car. This is done with jumper cables, which you can purchase at any auto parts store here in DSpareZone.

    To start, make sure the ignition is off in both cars and the parking brakes are on. Then, attach one end of the jumper cables to the positive terminal of the dead battery and the other end to the positive terminal of the working battery. Next, attach one end of the other set of cables to the negative terminal of the working battery and the other end to a metal surface on the car that won’t start, usually

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  4. Meet DSparesZone, your one-stop-shop for everything auto

    Meet DSparesZone, your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Auto

    If you are a car owner in Nigeria, then you are not a novice to the struggles of sourcing spare parts and auto repair services. As hard as it is to source auto parts, it's even more difficult to get an original part or an experienced and trustworthy mechanic when you don't know who to trust. In most cases, you never know till you try it.

    With over 12 million cars on the road in Nigeria and rising, there’s an increasing need for easy access to auto parts and services.


    This is where DSparesZone comes in; eliminating the stress of sourcing auto parts, the uncertaint

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