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Safety Tips

  • Be vigilant: Watch out for the website link before you proceed to make payments or meet with service providers. Fraudulent clone websites might have a missing letter in the name. Before you proceed to pay, ensure you are on

  • Guard your private details: Ensure that your account details, bank account, payment information and other private details are not revealed to anyone to avoid 3rd party access to your account and misuse. Please note that DSparesZone will never ask you for these details.

  • Avoid Payment before service: We endeavour to check out our service providers. However, when engaging service providers, we strongly recommend meeting in person before proceeding to pay for a service.

  • Fake Payment Services: DSparesZone currently allows online payments with Mastercard, Verve, Visa and E-Wallet. Payment services such as Paypal and MoneyGram are not currently supported. You can reference our billing policy for more details.

  • Beware Amazing Deals: Compare prices before you buy. Unusually low prices could be a red flag. Remember, if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

  • No extra charges: DSparesZone does not charge any brokerage fee for products and services, kindly ensure not to fall prey to such schemes and report anyone asking for such.


If something feels off, or you have further questions, please contact us through mail using