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Get your spare parts at unbeatable prices

DSparesZone is the best place to look for auto parts. The marketplace is designed to help find the vehicle parts you need easily and at the best prices. Here's how?

One shop for all your spare part needs

On DSparesZone there are millions of spare parts and auto products from dealers across the country. With unique features like the search bar and categories section, finding the right auto part you need is fast and easy.

Buy from the comfort of your home

Avoid the hassle of travelling between different spare part markets by choosing our marketplace. We give the opportunity to easily find and buy any spare part with a click of your smartphone from anywhere in the country.

Find scarce auto-parts with Broadcast

Every spare part needed is an emergency. DSparesZone has a broadcast feature that allows you to announce your spare part needs to all the premium spare parts dealers on the marketplace. Thereby, finding even scarce parts quickly. 


Have trouble deciding? Check out product reviews to find the best.

The platform has a product review system that gives you feedback from users that have purchased similar spare parts from a particular vendor. Reading these product reviews gives you first-hand information about the auto-part even before you buy it.

Bargain easily from anywhere

With the DSparesZone chat feature, you can bargain the price of auto-part with a vendor just like you do in a physical market. From anywhere, you can strike a bargain for an auto part with your smartphone.

Return and Refund Guarantee

Some of our auto-parts have a return policy that guarantees a refund even after purchase. You can recognise products that have this offer using the tags. For more details on our return policy, kindly refer to our terms and conditions page.

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